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At the inception stage the firm will advise on what size and standard of structure can be erected for any
given expenditure budget set by the client. The firm can also contribute in advising the client on possible
investments if the client is not definite on his brief….Read More
At feasibility stage the firm will:- Carry out preliminary cost studies, comparing alternative materials and
designs in terms of capital, operating, maintenance and depreciation costs….Read More
After obtaining all the Significant details of the client’s requirements relevant to costs, the firm will proceed
to prepare a preliminary cost of proposed project or assess the type and size of structure that can
be erected for any given expenditure….Read More
Tender documents to be used will depend on the method to be used for appointing a contractor.
The most usual forms of contract in construction works are based on the use of bills of quantities as contract
documents….Read More


Modern construction is complex. Design of a building is subject to functional, dimensional, technological and financial constraints.

It requires a team, which brings together people of varied training and experience – architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and builders.

The professional quantity surveyor by virtue of his training and experience is a key member of the construction team – the essential link between the client who commissions the building, architects and engineers who design it, and the builders who build it.

He is the expert on construction costs, control of expenditure
and contractual issues, and communications.

His services are used from the inception of a project to its completion.
Expert cost advice is essential. It is no use designing a building which meets the functional, dimensional and technological requirements of the brief, and is aesthetically satisfying, but which the client cannot afford.


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